Ultra fine basketry

Ultra fine basketry

we will never have enough baskets

baskets collect; differently sized baskets collect differently sized items

nature contains best; and the closer we are to it; the better we are at learning how to collect.

what to collect; collect notes for music, collect berries to barter, or collect images to share. Much to collect.

and baskets do it best; not for the intangibles; but for things we want to share time with; and space.

the things we surround ourselves with; require the same green love we do; do well by them; get them a basket; not necessarily our basket; but a basket; as for now; baskets are still done by people; from nature. For now.

Or forever; if enough of us find value in their practical use; and beautiful presence; in more ways than 1.


I found a villager; a bee keeper; son of a weaver; maintaining the craft of ultra fine basketry; ultra fine indeed; words are of no value here; the work is displayed in images.

done from a highly adaptive vine species(not that any of them aren’t) sliced into the thinnest, weaved into the smallest.

a villager that stopped ultra fine work; as the cost was time; and today is more expensive than yesterday; on everyone.

a craft; a beautiful craft, which barely exists; I purchased most of his fathers work; he passed away many years ago; and his crafts remained; untouched; “overpriced” it’s good they didn’t disappear into the world of in-between; or maybe this is where they are now; I show them love; and I convinced the villager to make more; I told him I will find people who would like to support; and I will buy more; and I will; buy more; it’s worth dedicating my profit towards.

but I can do a lot more; we can revive a village instead; one purchase at a time.

they’re price reflects the time taken to create them; mostly; these crafts specifically are non profit; around 50% of the price goes directly to the villager; 30% is to bring them to you(with all it entails) and around 20% to get more; next time around.

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